Alison OK Frost

Alison OK Frost is an artist who takes troubling social and environmental images, and transforms them into delicate watercolors and post-apocalyptic scenes. These haunting and beautiful paintings help her and those who meditate upon her work to process the trauma of our times. We talk about painting in urban encampments, the importance of surrounding yourself with the right colors, teaching art classes over Zoom, building a creative practice in isolation, and much more . . .
I have these careful petri dishes all over any given painting where I'm letting the paint do what it's going to do because that is a lot more authentic to me, to the experience of life: stepping back, knowing when to force it—and what that feels like—versus stepping back and letting it unfold. Mirza Inayat Khan

Mirza Inayat Khan's rich mythological and spiritual insights always leave me feeling good, even when, or perhaps especially when we touch on dark themes. We talk about angels, Rilke, Borges, reggae, David Bowie, dreams, weathering depression during the pandemic, and many other unbelievable infinities . . .
"This is sort of how mythology works: you get a powerful myth, and then you tell it over and over again and it gets written on your heart. It's what they what they say: written on your heart. It actually becomes part of your psychological makeup, part of who you are." Josh Whitkin

Josh Whitkin, a legend of game design, fatherhood, and friendship. We explore dropping out of high school, getting a PhD, unschooling his kids, education, designing pro-social games, growing up on rainy Oregon days, and so much more...
"As a designer you do not start with the fun and then glue learning on to it. That's chocolate covered broccoli. You start with the learning and you find what's fun about it. And you make that the game."‍